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Why It’s The Industry’s Preferred Choice

So great was the breakthrough impact of its compact design and low pressure losses, that it became ideal for use even on helicopter intakes. That soon evolved into developing high temperature filters for biomass boilers and eventually resulted in a new range of axial flow vortex tubes for high temperature applications. This new dimension in centrifugal separation was registered as VORSEP® to provide cost effective filtration of flue gas for solid fuel fired boilers. It also bridged the gap between scrubbers, Bag Filters and Electrostatic Precipitators.

How Does It Work?

VORSEP® Vortex Tubes utilize breakthrough technologies to provide superior centrifugal action to separate particulate matter from gas streams via a unique rotating (or swirling) process through helical vanes at the entrance of the tube. This extraordinary swirling treatment exerts a centrifugal force upon the particulate matter, displacing it outwards. These in turn fall out via the action of momentum and gravity.

What Makes It Superior?

Its edge over alternative technologies is evident in the end result in total collection efficiency (of over 99%), due to the superior centrifugal separation, quality management technology and dust management. Being application specific, the VORSEP® Axial Flow Vortex Tube Filters are ideally suited for high temperature and abrasive applications in solid fuel Boiler Flue Gas, carrying fly-ash, carbon and other contaminants such as

silica. This puts it on par with other available high efficiency dust collectors.

Flow Diagram from boiler to VORSEP® to chimney

Proven Peace Of Mind

Today, VORSEP® Filters have been successfully installed, commissioned and certified (performance tested) and have become the preferred choice in Palm Oil Fibres, Sugar Bagasse, Wood and Rice Husk fired Boilers among other solid fuel used for combustion processes.


VORSEP® Filters for Biomass Boilers


  1. The Emission Guarantee stated above is based on Full Combustion of the Fuel in the Boiler, provided VORSEP® Recommended Guidelines are followed and the Set Controls are not tampered with.
  2. Soot and VOC’s are not covered in this Emission Guarantee.
  3. The minimum CO2 is 12% based on CO below 100ppm.
  4. In the event of a dispute, VORSEP® reserves the right to Re-tune the Boiler according to our Combustion Guidelines.
  5. The above Emission Guidelines are valid for fuels with a moisture content of 48% or lower.

VORSEP® tubes come in dierent sizes

VORSEP® Filters for Biomass Boilers




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