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Over the years, the Company has developed a wealth of expertise in the technical and economic evaluation of air pollution problems.


Excel Air’s ability to provide a complete range of air pollution control technologies and combinations places the company in a unique position to select the most suitable technology for each application. The Company is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions that safely and cost-effectively address complex air pollution challenges.


With sights firmly on the future, Excel Air will not content itself with present successes. Through vision prudence and commitment, the Company will strive to gain its position as one of the world leader in the field of air pollution control.

Air pollution has always been one of our nation’s main environmental concerns. While overall air quality trends in the community are encouraging, continued efforts and vigilance are still needed. The objective is to achieve levels of air quality that do not give rise to unacceptable impacts on, and risk to human health and the environment.


Excel Air’s Vision is to promote Professionalism and Accuracy in the Development of Air Pollution Control not only in Malaysia but Worldwide. At Excel Air, our people’s professional experience and in depth knowledge promise potential beyond anything previously imagined in the field of air pollution control. Our goal is to provide cost-effective, environmentally friendly systems that will meet complex and diverse needs, and which encourage and enable governments and corporations to achieve their manufacturing and development objectives without compromising on air quality.


Amongst our contributions in this area are the published Malaysian Standards on “Isokinetic Flue Gas Sampling of Particulates” , “Performance Evaluation of Mechanical Dust Collectors” and “Olfactometry, Odour threshold determination”.

Excel Air is continuously undertaking Research and Development activities to meet the increasingly stringent environmental standards in the area of air pollution control.


Excel Air is ever ready to play a pioneering role in the development of innovative air pollution control systems in Malaysia and to be a significant regional player in this field. Today, the challenge for us is to help the industry realize its true potential.

Excel Air applies leading-edge technologies in solving air pollution problems.





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